Why You Should Do an Anniversary Photoshoot – Anniversary Photo Album

You invest in professional photos for important life events such as your engagement and wedding day. I totally agree with that. However, your anniversary is an often overlooked major life milestone that’s arguably more beautiful and precious than your wedding day. It must be captured and included in your family album. Why?

Because it’s the most romantic, meaningful, sweet, and long-lasting anniversary gift you can give to your sweetheart! Bonus if the photo shoot is at a romantic getaway destination where you’re celebrating your anniversary.

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Have you ever looked at pictures of a couple on their wedding day and then compare it to their portrait taken 8 years later, then one taken 15 years later, then 27 years later, and finally compare it to a picture of them taken just last month? Do you notice the changes in their physique, their relationship, and their love for each other?


Like wine, love gets better with time. Studies found that couples share habits and mannerisms as their relationship matures, and more surprisingly, their physical features become more alike as well. Many happy couples report they are even more in love after 20, 30, or 40 years together than they were when they first got married. Anniversaries are the real love stories, you guys. Anniversary photos add a sweet chapter to a long love story that gets richer and better over time.


I recently had the honor of photographing a couple for their anniversary. They’ve been married for 32 years and have quite a story. When they had to leave their war-torn Vietnam & resettled in Minnesota, they had no idea what arctic icebox they were getting into. Despite war, starting over, and too many stories to list, they’re together & happy in a winter wonderland.


We had so much fun with this shoot at Como Conservatory in Saint Paul, which a great place for  a photo session in the middle of winter. They were spontaneous and giggly in front of the camera – the best expressions I could ask for!

That’s why I take pictures – to capture moments like these, to tell stories like this one.


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Anniversary photo shoot


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