I was born in Vietnam and raised in Minnesota. My family’s refugee and resettlement story shapes my photography. I love photography because it pushes me to look at things from a different perspective, to find a new angle, to see something in a new light – habits that formed in my bi-cultural and bilingual childhood.


I take photos to record each family’s continuously developing story. I especially enjoy capturing photos of inter-generational change, multi-cultural families, inter-racial love stories, mixed households, and delicious ethnic food. With each facial expression and little gesture, each wedding and holiday, each laugh and cry, we are writing stories that will be passed on to later generations. The photos from my childhood are the best treasures I have to pass down to my future children and grandchildren so they will understand their roots. I want to help you tell your story.

Besides weddings and portraits, I enjoy food photography, because deliciousness is visual too. I offer food photography services for restaurateurs, small business owners, magazines, and chefs.

I love to travel and schedule my life to ensure I visit at least three new places each year. My camera always follow me on these adventures. I shoot landscape and natural details for print sale.