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How to Get Great Business Headshots in Minneapolis Metro Area – Headshot Photo Album

Did you know that an average person changes their career at least 6 times? Never mind changing your major in college. Change is a natural part of personal growth and transformation – let’s welcome it!

In a sense, you’re always job searching, or at least should be. Say you’re riding the bus or attending a party. You strike up a conversation with a stranger. You discuss your skills and interests because they asked. Before you know it, you’re at an interview for a job you learned about from them. They might even be the hiring manager and/or put in a good word for you. True story.


The point is, people are checking out your LinkedIn profile and your overall online presence every day. That’s 365 reasons to have a high-quality, recent headshot this year. Headshots are easy, cheap, and quick to obtain. Good headshots are especially crucial if your work is entrepreneurial or freelance in nature. I’m talking about business owners, consultants, models, actors, coaches, and those in a line of work where your personal brand is important.

If you don’t have a recent, stunning headshot to make a good first impression, I hope I just convinced you to get one. Here are a few quick tips to help you look your best:

  • The best background shows depth. Sure, you can stand in front of a wall for a headshot, but you would look better with depth behind you.
  • The location can be almost anywhere: your office, downtown, a park, a library, coffee shop, a photography studio, a college campus. If you need recommendations of great locations in the Minneapolis metro area, contact me.
  • Lighting is everything. The best time to take your headshot outdoors are during the golden hour, meaning within two hours after sunrise or before sunset. Since great headshots can be taken at any location, an indoor shoot with good lighting works just as well.
  • Dress business formal or business casual, as long as you’re comfortable in your clothes. Groom yourself as if you’re going to a job interview or business meeting.
  • Everything else is the photographer’s job. Relax!


If you’re close to graduation, thinking about a career change, or simply want to boost your job search or website with new, professional head shots, I’m more than happy to serve you.

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