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How to Dress and Pose like a Boss: a Guide for Guys – Senior Photo Album

‘Tis the season for senior photos. I feel like I lucked out this year for landing a session with the cutest senior. See for yourself 🙂


This goes to show that guys can get awesome photos too. Logan came prepared and nailed this session.


It’s a myth that guys have less outfit and posing options than girls at photo sessions. If you’re a guy with an upcoming photo shoot and you’re not sure what to expect or do at the session, (or you’re getting ready for an upcoming shoot with such a guy), here are some tips to help you prepare.


1. Choose outfit(s) that look good and make you feel comfortable

This boosts your confidence and mood, which will show through on your face, your posture, and your demeanor in photos. Your outfit doesn’t have to be fancy. Go for a timeless, classic look and your photos will never look dated.


2. Bring someone you love to the session with you

Or if they can’t be there in person, think of them or a memory of a good time with them during the session. This will make you smile and shine from the inside out. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a person, just anything that makes you happy. No one would know if you’re smiling because you’re thinking about playing your favorite video game, you know 😉


3. Keep it simple

The more you can simplify your outfit and other details related to the session, the less there is to worry about, which means you can be present and relaxed during the session. Instead of having multiple outfits, you can bring an accessory to add to or remove from one outfit for a different look, like a sweater, a tie, a hat, or sunglasses.


4. Be yourself

The secret to looking fly in front of the camera? Act like the camera isn’t even there. You’re just hanging out and having a good time. You’re checking out the town, and you happen to look over at the camera at the right time.


5. Remember that it’s impossible to mess up

There’s a famous quote, “Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.” There’s no pressure at all.


Congratulations to Logan, class of 2019!

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2018.10.29 Guy's guide to pose and dress


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