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I Choo-Choo-Choose You at the Union Depot – Engagement Photo Album

Downtown Saint Paul at the Union Depot – this location is significant for Jovan & Steve’s engagement session because their wedding will be on a train.

And did I mention it’s a moving train?

Wait, that’s not all, it’ll ride along the scenic North Shore at sunset. How cool is that for a wedding?!

Engaged couple walking holding hands outside of the Union Depot in Saint Paul, MN.

Bonus of winter engagement photos: Christmas lights!

Engaged couple smiling at the camera.
Engaged couple

Custom-made ring and matching nail polish, talk about style.

Engagement ring on hand, couple kissing in background.

I’m looking forward to getting aboard this train in May. Congratulations, Jovi & Steve!

Engaged couple at the Union Depot entrance.

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