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Ideas for a Christmas Photo Shoot – Christmas Mini Sessions Album

Are creative Christmas cards a part of your family holiday tradition? Annual Christmas photo sessions are a great way to practice a fun tradition with your little ones, document your family’s growth over the years, and send good-looking greetings to your relatives for the holidays! 

There are countless ways to do a Christmas photo session. The sky is the limit, truly. You can’t run out of ideas for a family Christmas photo, for better or worse LOL. 

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get the best photos of your family every year. Ready to get inspired?

1. Wear red, green, and/or a neutral color

When you think of Christmas, what colors come to mind? That’s right! Red and green. They are classic Christmas colors. A Christmas outfit, party, photo, card, or anything must have some red and green.

Neutral colors like white, black, or gray are great complimentary colors because they go with anything.

2. Go to a Christmas tree farm

It’s hard to not take a Christmas-themed photo at a tree farm, you know? You can’t go wrong with doing your Christmas photo shoot at a tree farm. 

3. Wear matching red pajamas

Moms and grandmas think this is the cutest thing. Some kids may beg to disagree, their face blushing and all. They’ll come to appreciate it one day when they have their own kids, don’t worry 😉

4. Play with Christmas decorations

The magic of Christmas is having fun with everything, isn’t it? Christmas decorations are really just toys for children and adults. Have fun with ornaments, wreaths, garlands, mistletoe, snow, you name it. Fun always make a great photo.

5. Share a blanket with someone you love

Christmas is about sharing and staying warm with loved ones. Bonus if the blanket is red. 

6. More ideas to inspire you

You really can’t go wrong with a Christmas photo shoot as long you’re having fun (and wearing red). Merry Christmas!

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