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3 Tips for Fun Mommy-and-Me Photos – Family Photo Album

Children grow up so quickly! A mommy-and-me session is a good way to memorialize the precious bond you share with your child at one point in their development. You will treasure these pictures years later when your children think they’re too cool to pose for another mommy-and-me photo session.  My goal is to capture the authentic relationship and favorite activities that you share with your child. This type of session is basically playtime with a camera clicking away – it’s fun! Here are three tips to ensure you have the best mommy-and-me session possible and great pictures to show for it.


1. Coordinate Outfits

You want to coordinate your outfit with your child’s outfit. It’s best to start with one person’s favorite outfit, whether it’s yours or your child’s, and coordinate based on that. If the favorite outfit is a warm color, then other outfit(s) should feature a warm color as well, such as orange, red, yellow, or brown. If the favorite outfit is a cool color, then the other outfits should be a cool color, whether that’s blue, purple, teal, or another color in the same neighborhood on the color wheel. Make sure all outfits are well-fitted and comfortable. You’ll want to look at these photos many years later, so I advise staying away from fads, neon colors, and hyper-patterns. It’s best to go for a classic, timeless, and neutral look.


2. Meet Basic Needs

Make sure everyone’s basic needs are met before your photo session. This includes nap time, meal time, play time, and your child’s other needs are checked off. Happy kids make happy photo sessions! Don’t forget to meet your own needs as well, including a nap for yourself, caffeine, rest, and anything else that make you happy. You want everyone to show up happy for their photo session since their expressions will be captured in pictures that will last for a long time.


3. Bring Favorite Toys

You know what your child likes best. Whatever activity your child loves to play with you is what we want to capture in a mommy-and-me photo shoot. Our goal is capture your authentic mother-child relationship, so go ahead and live out your favorite mom moments. A favorite activity can be reading a book, dancing, playing tag, singing, tickling, whatever gets you and your child smiling and laughing would make for great photos!


Being a mom is the hard part, doing a mommy-and-me photo shoot is the easy part! As always, I’m here to help with you capture authentic photos that you can treasure for a long time.



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3 tips for fun mommy and me photos


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