Food & Drink

I like good food and I cannot lie. Visual appeal is part of the pleasure of eating – and selling –  food. These packages are for restauranteurs, food-preneurs, cooks, food magazine editors, and other food enthusiasts. You’re taking the first step to invest in successful marketing of your delicious dishes and drinks. I’m excited to have the opportunity to capture the tastiness of your food!

A food session involves styling, staging, and photographing dishes and/or drink items. You provide the ingredients, food or drink item, and branding accessories (such as napkin, plate, menu, or other item showing your brand). I ensure good lighting and appropriate background setting, stage the scene, style the food/ingredients, photograph, and edit.


The Complete Meal – 20 items, portrait of chef or staff, and/or shot of restaurant interior or exterior, 22 photos total

This all-inclusive session is especially fitting for your grand opening, re-design of your branding, website makeover, menu update, advertisement campaign, and all of the benefits of the Entree and Appetizer packages below.

The Entrée – 12 items, 12 photos

Awesome choice if you’d like to visualize signature dishes on your menu, print wall pictures for display at your restaurant, improve your online presence, create a new menu, launch a new dish or special promotion, introduce a seasonal special, and/or run an advertisement campaign.

The Appetizer – 6 items, 6 photos

Great as a starter session if you’d like to add some visuals to your menu, launch a new dish or special promotion, introduce a seasonal special, update your online presence, and/or send newsletters to your customer base.

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