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Truc & Thang Traditional Vietnamese Wedding

This wedding between Truc & Thang was truly meant to be. Her family and his family were neighbors in Vietnam, but they didn’t meet until she was in Texas and he was in Minnesota, when his aunt re-connected them. One and a half years later, she moved to Minne-snow-ta to be with her love. And here we are, celebrating their union!

Following Vietnamese tradition, he, along with his family, visited her family to ask for her hand in marriage, aka “ruoc dau”. Gifts were exchanged, and they came back to his house for the “gia tien” ceremony. 

They celebrated with more than 250 guests at Lucky Dragon Restaurant, Minneapolis. I’m honored to capture this beautiful wedding!

Congratulations Truc & Thang! As we say it in Vietnamese, “chuc tram nam hanh phuc”, wish you 100 years of happiness!

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